Original Discovery Map

of the

First Overland Route


San Francisco

Juan Buatista de Anza

Pedro Font

1775 – 1776


This remarkable manuscript map was prepared to illustrate the manuscript diary of Pedro Font, who recorded the official report and account of De Anza's second overland expedition and the first to reach San Francisco.

The expedition started in Sonora at the Mission San Miguel Arcangel de los Ures, north to the Rio San Pedro area and then west along the river to head of the gulf of California. From there to Mission San Gabriel (Los Angeles) including a side trip to Mission San Diego and finally north to Mission Santa Barbara.  From there the expedition traveled to Monterey and finally ended at San Francisco. Cartographic elements include lines of latitude and longitude, scale, sea banks or shoals, some topographical details, location of roads, presidios, churches, and the daily log of encampments along the route.