Buffalo, New York North Hall
Mormon History
May 1, 2019 to August 28, 2019

     In the early 1820's,  in western New York State,  a fourteen year old boy, Joseph Smith, testified that he had received a message from God.   Again, several years later,  Smith had another vision.  This new vision came in the form of an ancient prophet named "Moroni" ,  who led Smith to a record engraved on gold plates.   The record told of a colony of Israelites who,  almost 3,000 years before,  had immigrated to America and assimilated with the American Indians.  After another four years,  Smith was again visited and allowed to translate more substantially the Egyptian characters on the golden plates.   From this evolved the  "Book of Mormon"   named after another ancient prophet,  "Mormon" who had made an abridgment of many previous plates.  The visions attracted a following of believers who readily accepted the teachings of the missionaries sent out by Joseph Smith.

     Various communities of  "Mormon" followers were formed which created friction with the existing communities first in  New York;  then Kirkland,  Ohio;  Jackson County,  Missouri  and finally  Nauvoo,  Illinois.   The numbers of followers increased to an extent that the political balance of power was threatened in some communities.

The Exhibits


1.      Warrant issued Smith's arrest


1a..   Petition for Jurors, Smith's Trial


2.     Appeal to President John Tyler  on June 20, 1844


3.         Letter of April 1845 to the Governor of Virginia


4.         Agreement  of  September 24, 1845


5.          The U.S./Utah War


6.       The Hand Cart scheme


6a..    Flour for Hand Cart People


7.           Advise for applicants 

                  desiring to join


8.         A great temple is built


9.          A new state is formed:   "Deseret" (signifying "industry")


10.     Mormon activity in Hawaii


10a..    Mormon activity in England


11.         Transcontinental



12.          Instructions for

               Crossing the Plains


13.         Description of the

                 Book of Mormon


14.         Brigham Young�s

                 Religious Views


15.     Mormons and Slavery


16.   Goodwill gifts for Indians


17.    Bringing Gas service to

            Great Salt Lake City


18.         Act of Utah Terr.

         setting Judicial Districts     


19.           Preaching