The Church MiniMuseum Program
Churches may order a display case on loan and one or several of the following exhibits. All programs of the Karpeles Manuscript Library are free.
All exhibits are from the King James Bible unless noted.

One God and God's Wife!

"Adam and Evolution" (Darwin Manuscript):
"Creation" (Torah on deer leather 600 years old):
"God's Sons"
"Is The Birth Of Jesus Predicted in the Old Testament?" (Latin Bible 850 years old):
"Jesus teaches Humility" (Latin Bible 850 years old):
"One God"
"God Allows Children to Suffer"
"The Lost Book of Jasher" (First Original English Translation)
"The Flood and Methuselah"
"Judas and divine inspiration"
"Who wrote the Ten Commandments?"
"Passover" (Latin Bible 850 years old):
"The Birth of The Christian Church "
"Jesus' appearance " (Latin Bible 850 years old & coins)
"The Western World acceptance of The Christian Church "
"God's intention to create Man"
"God did NOT intend to create a woman!!!"
"Did God actually create Eve from Adam's rib?"

Happy 400th Birthday to the King James Bible